Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sleepless night

When the sleepless night bring 
Some Solace to the dying day
When the eyes are blurred yet
 the dreams don't cross their way
I hold my breath for a sigh of life
Piling memories with a mundane rife 
Search myself somewhere in there
With darkness deepens my strife
For the sleepless night ,now  it should end
When I have the next day ,here to pretend ..... 

Sins of calamity

Owing to the sins of calamity 
To meagre ways 
Of charity.....
They amuse me oh yes 
Some enlighten me too
Beyond imaginations 
The begging 
Or the pretending
of course ,The damning ,
And The roadside dwelling
of all
Remorseful living
Gathering dust over
Unearthed powers
I wish I could make them
Hold a PEN
Prayer is all I could offer
Now and then !!!