Monday, 23 February 2015

The dungeon

Life is like a dungeon
Lost You are ...trapped and 
Deprived and wounded 
Of Swelling hearts 
With anxious desires 
Unfulfilled through Ages they seem
With gruesome realities Lingering to soul 
Condemning spaces You swear them all
The chance the luck which favours me
And you ..oh ! naught
You wail
With a 
motionless err 
(Ah ! the fascinations
Of a metaphor )
But still await the morning Sun ...
do you!!!??
The beam the ray 
of hope for sight
To dream of love
And to see the end of plight...?
(The sparkle of a star behold the treachery)
But alas!! Aren't We humans 
Peasants  Of destiny

The cloudy mist of emotions 
rising Over the realms of piety 
Or dungeon walls that might reflect
The past the present 
the future prospects
Could ask for a wishful living 
In the solemn palms of death 
But could that be end of it all
Which was ...which is here 
And that could ever be

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cosmic revelations

Cosmic revelations
I beg your pardon
I am just a planet I know
Setting me free ain't no easy
Moving in rounds ..dead slow
Insights ...the fights
My withering might
All of this in wane ?
My sun's too far
Or too near to scar
Who am I really ..
to complain
So just let it be I say
Let it be any way ....